In Domo Furniture & Accessories

             New On-line Custom Shop - Customise Your Favourite Furniture Design!

             New On-line Custom Shop - Customise Your Favourite Furniture Design!



Each and every piece is limited and thus exclusive, featuring non-conventional furniture and accessories, better yet, works of art.


All pieces are constructed to have their own personality and are made to stand out wherever they are placed.


The elegance in all pieces allows them to compliment your desired vision.


You have the capability to order furniture to be made from scratch just the way you want it.


We ensure the highest grade of excellence is provided in our services and manufacturing. We use the best materials, very detailed craftmenship and guarantee your satisfaction.

The In Domo Furniture store gives you the opportunity to create the home you have always dreamed of, the home you always deserved. The unique design and exclusivity of every product, paired with your own personalised touch, will enhance your space to reflect your individuality.

Each and every piece is a statement illuminating exciting facets of you as an individual. Some of the major styles include, but are not limited to, modern, vintage, pop-art, retro, industrial, loft and country.

When entering the store, the various styles catch your eye, with distinct areas decorated to present a complete idea. The showroom is found in Nicosia Cyprus and is frequently enriched with new styles and collections based on seasonal trends.

In Domo is offering a Welcome Home 20% discount coupon for every individual who fills out the form by clicking the link above. See Discounts & Benefits section for more.

Click on the image to see more pictures from the In Domo Showroom

Click on the image to see more pictures from the In Domo Showroom


  • Custom-made creations
  • Refurbishing of worn out furniture - Αναπαλαιώσεις
  • Upholstery - Ταπετσαρίες
  • Handmade creations with a 10 year guarantee on the frame.
  • Delivery all over Cyprus straight to your area.
  • Interior Designers for hire


Around 1984, “In Domo” was initially founded as Theodorou Furnishing. By 2013, the family business restructured with a new Latin name - In Domo, or "in the house".

This family business has stepped into the 21st century with a progressive approach to the world of design while carrying the importance of quality and customer satisfaction on to this day.

In Domo and its trained experts strive to meet their promises made to you with great attention and dedication and help you create the home you deserve.